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We aim for our service to provide you with better personal hygiene and cleaning, to greatly reduce the impact you have on the environment, to save money and reduce household waste, Better skin care and more comfort, to reduce plumbing problems and prevent clogs.


Bidet design

Non-electric white Toilet Bidet Seat with sleek design for most toilets. Slow closing seat and lid, powerful rear wash, dual nozzles, sturdy sittable lid, ultra slim design, no electricity or battery required, unified internal brass valve w/ brass inlet, angled metal braided supply hose


Dual self cleaning nozzles for rear and feminine cleaning, ambient room temperature water.


* No batteries or Electrical power need, safe using bidet seats
* Dual nozzles sprayer design for bidets and rear washing(Separate Working)
* Soft close and silence toilet seats
* Fits most toilet bowl

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

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